Goods & Equipment

In addition to financial donations, LeTourneau gratefully accepts donations of tangible goods, equipment and/or services to assist in year-round operations.

Ongoing equipment needs can include any of the following. Please call our main office at (585) 554-3400 for information on needs of highest priority:


  • FlwrComptrFour desktop workstations, a network file server, and professional consult/installation of business-speed Internet at designated locations across the grounds to ensure our staff offices/workspaces are fully functional to meet daily guest and operations needs. (Currently, this is a critical need as our full-time staff are working with extreme “technical difficulties.”)
  • New or used a/v sound system with integrated DVD/computer screen projection and contemporary microphones (lapel lavaliers, and wireless/wired handhelds sufficient for speakers, 6+ musicians in concert, a/v presentations, etc.) for our Dining Hall (primary) venue. (Additionally, the sound equipment in the Tabernacle dates to the ’80s and has no modern computer/video projection components.)
  • 2 laptops, 2 portable LCD screen projectors and cables sufficient to enable LeTourneau representatives to present our Lighting Our Future campaign PowerPoint to churches, small groups and business meetings.
  • large-diameter (40″ or larger) flat-screen monitors for informational display in multiple buildings



  • golf carts (including extended-length carts that will hold 4+ passengers who need transport assistance navigating our steep hills)
  • utility motorized carts (Gator) to carry tools and supplies
  • industrial lawnmowers, with wide cutting decks (48-60 inches and above)
  • weed-wackers, etc.
  • motorboat for hosting guest lake rides, tubing, waterskiing, etc.
  • pickup/utility truck and trailer for maintenance work
  • commercial-grade washing machines & dryers
  • a buffing machine in good condition
  • commercial-grade air-conditioner units for our staff housing


  • tulipswood and construction (repair) materials
  • hotel-grade linens, towels and travel-size toiletries
  • replacement twin/XL mattresses for our many cabins
  • used rec game tables in good condition (ie: foosball, ping-pong, billiards, etc.)
  • paddleboats, kayaks, oars and other water rec equipment in good condition
  • interior and exterior paints for building upkeep
  • annuals/perennials
  • peat/sod/mulch
  • molding