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Director’s Update: Tilling the Soil of Hearts This Summer

Whenever you meet servants of the Lord who have served Him for decades (in one place) without fail, you are blessed! You see the power of the Holy Spirit in the purity and dedication of their lives. LeTourneau has been blessed to have two such saints in Avis Sowl and Gerri Moose. As you are likely aware, Avis went to be with the Lord July 1, 2016. Her sixty years of faithful service has inspired and encouraged so many. Thankfully, we are still blessed to have Gerri with us! Gerri is as faithful as ever. With a loving smile, she serves in the background, making beds, cleaning, baking, and lifting us all up in prayer. She is an immense gift from the Lord.

This summer, every student in THE WAY summer student program will be encouraged to imitate Avis and Gerri’s faith in the Lord and heart of service. THE WAY program is designed to be a rich discipleship ministry for students ages 14 and up. Our hope is to point the way to the LORD during each student’s 8-10 week at camp (John 14:5-6). By God’s grace, each student will leave established in their faith, committed to God’s Word, and surrendered to God’s will.

We will welcome more than 20 students to THE WAY program this year! To support this program, each student will help raise support by sending letters to friends and family and by praying for the Lord’s provision. The goal for each student is $100 a week. A special message from Gerri is included below on the many benefits of our summer discipleship program.

In order to guarantee every student has the opportunity to participate in THE WAY, LeTourneau established the Avis & Gerri Fund. In 2017, the fund goal is $20,000, which will help provide for each student’s financial stipend, meals, lodging, training, materials, and special activities. If you are led to contribute to the Avis and Gerri Fund, we would be very grateful for your support! All gifts are tax deductible. You may send a check to: LeTCC / 4950 County Rd. 11 / Rushville, NY 14544, or contribute online at this link.             

Thank you for helping point THE WAY to Christ and raising up the next generation of faithful Kingdom builders for the glory of God and the joy of His people.

In Joyful Service,
Jamie Fischer, Director

A Note from Gerri: 
Dear Friends of LeTourneau,
Whenever January comes it is time to change and prepare for another year. Over the years, Avis and I always knew that this was the time to start praying for a “new” summer staff that we would have join us in the months to come. We never knew who would return and who would come for the first time, but we could always depend on God to send who He wanted, and who we needed.

Whenever staff members first arrived, they seemed like strangers, but by the end of each summer, they were one happy family. Avis and I greatly enjoyed the mornings spent with “our girls” as we had devotion time and worked to memorize chapters of the Bible.

I can’t always remember them all now, but if someone quotes a passage, it comes back that we had learned it. At first, it was hard for some of our girls to pray among us but by the time they were ready to leave, they would pray with us as well as bring their requests.

If Avis were here, I know she would want to thank you, and I do too, for giving towards the Avis and Gerri Fund. Thank you for making it possible for so many young people to be able to be part of our summer staff, and for the support you give as you join us in prayer over these young people!
God Bless You!
Gerri Moose

Greetings Potential 2017 Summer Staff,

The staff and I are so excited about summer 2017! I hope you all are praying about God’s will for you this summer. We have been praying for a long time that the Lord would provide us with young people ready to draw close to God and ready to serve Christ’s people this summer through THE WAY program (Eph. 2:10).Summer Staff Photo 2015

This summer at LeTourneau we are ready to take our youth and young adults’ discipleship ministry to the next level. LeTourneau’s summer staff ministry is designed to be a rich discipleship program for students ages 14 and up. The program is called THE WAY and is broken into two distinct age groups, 14-16 and 17 and up. The goal of this program is to establish youth and young adults in their faith, to build up their trust in the Word, and give them boldness to live out the Gospel. Every student will have daily opportunities to be led into a deeper relationship with the Lord. Students will participate in personal and corporate devotions, regular worship, concentrated studies, personal accountability, and constant interaction with mentors (we have designated leaders for guys and girls). Students will also find their fellow summer staffer youth to be a great source of joy and encouragement, as well as potential lifelong Christian friends.

Even more, these students will have a chance to gain some expertise in many camp jobs and earn an invaluable Christian work ethic. Camp jobs include some of the following: maintenance, dining hall hostessing, lifeguarding, water front hand boat operators, paintball field managers, kitchen assistants, housekeeping, and more! New this year, and available to students who qualify, will be the opportunity to be camp counselors during LeTourneau’s 6 weeks of Summer Children’s Day Camps for ages 5-13 and our youth outreach camp at the end of the summer.

Summer Staff Program - The WayWe are thrilled about THE WAY program and believe it has the potential to help students create a legacy of faithful Christian service. To be a part of this program, students must fill out an application. Their application is reviewed and if accepted, students are offered one of the limited number of volunteer or paid positions. Once accepted, students participate in mandatory training sessions prior to the summer commitment. Each participant is also asked to help raise support by sending out approximately 20 support letters (LeTCC will provide a sample and will mail these letters at no cost to students) and pray for the Lord’s provision. The goal for each student is $100 a week. The funds help to pay for the student’s missionary stipend, meals, lodging, training, discipleship materials, and special activities. Those unable to raise the $100 will still be invited to camp! To guarantee every student has the opportunity to participate in THE WAY, LeTourneau has established the Avis & Gerri (Summer Staff) Fund. Our A&G Fund will make up any support still needed. For those not requesting financial compensation, we also accept volunteers!           

Thank you for praying about joining THE WAY program. We are excited to meet the team God is building for the summer of 2017!

In Joyful Service,

Jamie Fischer
LeTCC Director

To be considered for this summer staffing program, please complete the application and reference form below and send them to the LeTourneau office via e-mail to